Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thank You Walden University

I decided to do a Vlog on my Blog. I answered all of the assignment requirements for the blog in the video. I just thought it would be fun to show my face and expressions.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Organizations Around the World and the Start of One at Home

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is an organization created in 1946 to help children in post war of Europe but have spread to help the needs of children in other developing countries. This organization is interesting because it helps children with the basic needs of life such as food, education, shelter, medicine, etc. They also believe that helping children now helps the future of society (United Nations Children's Fund, n.d.). They are currently hiring for a street fundraiser deputy manager for 13-15 pounds per hour in the United Kingdom. The deputy manager will help launch a national campaign. The potential employee must have two years of experience with face to face fundraising as part of a team. They must demonstrate their experience training and developing other fundraisers and team leaders. Also, they should knowledge of compliance and standards. This job is interesting because it makes the public aware of what children are going through around the world. Without the money these children may not get the opportunities that they need to thrive. I would need to develop my selling skills to sell people on the street to give to a worthy cause (UNICEF Jobs, n.d.).

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization creates opportunities for communications between civilizations and communities around the world. They make sure they have shared values and create dialogue for communities to speak and understand one another’s culture and goals for their society. I think this is very important. People around the world usually have things in common. Everyone wants to live in peace and have a well life. If we all can understand that then we can get along better. Many countries have different languages so there are translators that can bridge this gap of misunderstandings (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, 2011). There is a job available in Paris for Program Specialist $90,640 a year salary. The duties include coordinating and creating programs for ecological and earth sciences, water sciences, and science policy. Obviously I do not have background in the science such as these but it can be very important for the environment for children. However, I do love researching and coordinating (Program Specialist, n.d.).

In the state of Georgia, early childhood educators are required to obtain 10 hours of training per year. These trainings have to be approved by the state and taught by an approved trainer. However, most centers have their teachers train online where they can just click through the training and call themselves trained. No! We need better ongoing trainers in the field. I want to become a trainer that motivates and inspire teachers for the betterment of themselves and the children because a lot of teachers have emotional issues that they need to work through themselves in order to be an effective teacher. An approved trainer is self-employed. They work independently or they could work as a team under a company. I plan to develop my own ECE training company. I will need to first become an approved trainer. The requirements are as follows to become a Trainer 1: bachelor degree in ECE or Child Development or 225 clock hours, take Trainer for Trainers I 40 hour class, and at least 3 years of early care and education experience. I have the degree and the 225 clock hours. After this degree program, I will take the Training for Trainer Course (Trainer Designation Requirements, n.d.).

*While writing this last paragraph I just imagined my own Training Academy for teachers. I had to stop to record my vision. It will be so exciting. I already started a Facebook Page called (click--> Within the Walls of Childcare. Go there and Like and Follow my page.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Within the Walls of Childcare

I have created a Facebook page called Within the Walls of Childcare (Like My Page). You can find great information about the care of children on the page. Later it will become a business that will begin by educating ECE teachers. I will become a, Approved ECE Trainer within the state of Georgia. As an owner of this business I will be an advocate for children by training and inspiring teachers to care for children with the quality of care they deserve.

The Association for Early Learning Leaders is a non-profit organization that promotes leadership development and quality ECE programs. It is a member based organization. It also has online training courses including CDA training courses. It also has an accreditation program that measures the standard of care for centers (Association for Early Learning Leaders, n.d.). I chose this organization because it centers around developing teachers and the ECE centers. A lot of centers need improvement in the classroom.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is an organization that helps promote quality education for children eight and below. The organization promotes ECE practices, policies, and research. They have prepared systems that helps with professional development. They offer accreditation that will ensure a high standard of care. NAEYC is very influential to the ECE legislation in government. Plus, they hold yearly events where educators and national experts teach other ECE educators about the latest research and techniques with children. I chose this organization because it is the number one organization in the nation that ECE educators trust and depend on for information (About NAEYC, n.d.).

Job opportunities (currently available or not) that interest you I have applied to a handful of director positions and have went on one interview. It is in Acworth, Ga at Favorite Time Academy. I was very impressed with the center and the story behind why she built it. She usually does three interviews in all so I am eagerly waiting another call from the owner. She requires that the director at least has an associate’s degree. The potential director has to be knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of the state also NAEYC accreditation. She wants someone that will treat her business like their own and like a ministry. (Job no longer listed on Indeed.)

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Local Happenings with Early Childhood Education in Georgia

Bright From the Start is out state agency that oversees and license the childcare centers in the state of Georgia. This agency is where I research the rules and regulations of the care for the children in my center. It is also in charge of the Pre-Kindergarten program, which is a free program offered to four year olds in the state of Georgia. It also provides financial assistance to families for childcare as well as oversees the federal nutrition program. It recently launched a rating system called Quality Rated. I often visit their website for information needed for the care of children on the childcare center (About Bright from the Start, n.d.).

Georgia Association on Young Children is an organization in Georgia affiliated with NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) that supports the education of children ages birth to eight years old. Their mission is to help people to become more aware of the importance of early childcare and help improve early childhood. I chose this site because it can give me the latest news in early childhood (GAYC, n.d.).

The Georgia Child Care Association (GCCA) is an organization that advocate for children by making sure parents have quality affordable childcare. Also, they communicate with policy makers to advocate for children that effects children through law. Lastly, they educate owners, directors, and teachers about the rules and regulations of running a center and caring for children within the center. I chose this organization because it has regular scheduled webinars to allowing members to communicate back and forth about the issues of childcare (Our Mission, n.d.).

The most recent job search is a Director’s position in Kennesaw, Ga at Childtime Learning Centers. They are requiring a committed person who wants to make a difference in the lives of children and able to run a school. The director must be at least 21 years old and a degree with childcare experience, obtained a 40 hour director training course, CPR/First Aid Certified,  and has been a director for at least five years. I am qualified except for five year as a director. I had to be a director to become a director. I keep hitting that snag and I am about sick of that. I know I can run a center. I am learning everything I can as an assistant director to become a director. I just need the chance. However, it does say at the bottom of the listing “Required experience: childcare administration: 1 year. I have two years. Which requirement are they considering (Childcare Center Director, n.d.)?

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

ECE Classes

Several of the groups that I participated in were continuing education classes that is required in the early childhood field. Now looking back onto the classes I can see the common task was to learn certain material that was needed to take back to our centers or classrooms. Often the adjourning phase was a game that tied everything together that we had learned in the class. It was nothing big but it reviewed what we had learned. During some of the longer classes, saying good-bye was not saying good-bye. We exchanged numbers and/or emails to help to keep in touch with each other. We could use them as resource or for networking in the field. The classes were valuable but it was not hard to leave because it usually was a long class (Abudi, 2010).

The leader or the teacher of the class made us become norm by assigning an activity that corresponds with the topic she was currently discussing. We had to work as a group and discuss answers together. It felt awkward at first but after a few discussion activities we usually begin to gel together as a team. There was one event that had several classes in one week where we stayed for a week in a hotel with no televisions. We had a core group that we got to know. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. By the end of the week it was bitter-sweet that we were leaving each other. We had a closing event that Saturday night that was fun and engaging (Abudi, 2010).

When I finish my master’s degree in this program I will feel accomplished and I will celebrate. I am not quite sure how I will celebrate but I will celebrate. I will probably will take a great vacation as a graduation present to myself. Adjourning is so important because it is celebrating a proud accomplishment. It brings joyful closure to a project that is meaningful to either one person or to several people (Abudi, 2010).

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Communicating with Bilinguals

When I worked as a teacher at Child Development Association I had to really pay attention to how I communicated with parents who spoke English as a second language. I had to use simple words with them so they could understand me. I slowed down my speech because I wanted to make sure that they were understanding and processing the information correctly. When they spoke I had to closely listen to what they had to say and have patience when they had to think about the right words to say to get their message across. I had a co-worker that needed help with her English writing. I had to proofread her writing to make sure she was grammatically correct. I also had to be patient with her because her Puerto Rican accent would get in the way of me understanding the English word she was trying to say. She may even ask me what something meant and I would have to find a synonym that she understood.

 I communicate differently with my son than I do with the children in my childcare center. I can keep separate how I deal with my child versus someone else’s child. When I answer the phone I sound my most professional. My voice changes and if it is a potential parent then I go into a sales mode. There are many ways I communicate with different people and different situations. Am I being just me all the time? I think I am, but in different ways.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Speak Like Dr. Umar Johnson

     One of today's speakers I like to listen to is Dr. Umar Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist of Pennsylvania and speaks nationally and internationally about the predicament of African and African American people across the world. He is planning to open up a school for black children to learn the skills they need to economically compete with other races in the world (Dr. Umar Johnson, n.d.).
     I love how he speaks because he speaks with authority and urgency of his cause. He sometimes dresses casually or in a professional suit depending on his audience. He speaks intellectually and knows how to respond instantly to someone that disagrees with him. I wish I could speak like he does in front of an audience so smoothly. If I could speak like him I would have probably been more effective building my non-profit organization because I would be able to speak with authority and urgency about my community (Dr. Umar Johnson, n.d.).

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